Commercial Burglar Alarms

Insurance Approved Burglar Alarms

The very heart of any security protection system is the Intruder Alarm. To fulfil our demanding product requirements, considerable time and testing has been expended to provide the extensive, outstanding quality and reliable range of burglar alarm systems which we are confident will satisfy our customer’s needs.

Wireless and Wired Systems

We offer wired and wireless system design, installation, repair and service. Each new system is tailor made to individual requirements and conforms to the latest highly regulated industry standards.

Police Compliant Bells-only or Monitored Systems

Our burglar alarms can be “bells–only” or monitored if a Police or key holder response is required. Additional features include text messaging, speech diallers and email notification. Monitored options include RedCARE, Dualcom and IP communications.

Visual Verification

Wi-Fi cameras can email images of events as they happen, verifying alarm events with full HD 1080P quality.

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